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Making My Car Gorgeous

About a year ago, I started thinking seriously about getting rid of my existing car and investing in a new one. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time or money, so I decided to do what I could to make my own car exactly what I wanted it to be. I started working with a business that specialized in completely overhauling cars, and it was amazing to see what they could do. Within a few short months, my car was completely refinished, and I was really impressed with how much of a difference it made. Check out this blog for information on making over your car.


Reasons To Get Custom Chrome On Your Automotive Rims

22 December 2022
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If you have been looking for something to do or to add to your vehicle, you might want to consider adding custom chrome to its rims. Not sure why this is something you would want to do or how it would make your vehicle a little better? Take some time to continue reading through the following points. It Covers Imperfections You might really like the style of the rims you currently have on your vehicle and you do not want to spend the money or go through the hassle of having them replaced. Read More …

Should You Strip Your Unwanted Car Before Selling It?

6 April 2022
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you're planning to sell your old beater to a junk car buyer, you may be thinking about parting it out before turning it over. Taking valuable parts from your old vehicle is one option for extracting a little more value from it, but it's not always the best or most cost-effective choice. If you're planning on taking this route, you should carefully consider the pros and cons. Since everyone's situation, needs, and skills are different, you can use these three questions to help you determine if you should pull a few parts from your old beater before sending it on its way. Read More …

3 Things You Should Consider Before You Install A Car Subwoofer

12 July 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you have been missing that incredible bass in your music, it's time to consider installing a subwoofer in your car. However, it isn't an easy task to build a system that works to your expectation. With a great strategy, your car subwoofer installation can surpass your expectation. This guide explores valuable considerations before installing a subwoofer to enhance the system's performance. Here are a few to keep in mind. Read More …

Why Collision Repair Experts Should Handle Dents

4 December 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Small or big dents really take away a vehicle's exterior beauty. That's why you may wish to have them repaired by a collision repair shop. Taking this direction will pay off in all kinds of ways.  Protect Surrounding Areas Taking a DIY approach to dent repair doesn't always pan out. You may go too fast and actually cause damage to the area surrounding the dent. Then your vehicle's exterior will really be in bad shape. Read More …

3 Reasons Why You Still Need to Prepare for Roadside Emergencies

14 May 2019
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With the ubiquity of cell phones and the prevalence of 24/7 roadside assistance services, it's easy to feel as though being stranded is no big deal. After all, help is just a call away, so is it really necessary to prepare for the worst? Unfortunately, the answer is still a resounding yes. While having access to roadside assistance is vital, it is also important to have a properly stocked emergency kit and to know what to do in the event that your car leaves you stranded. Read More …